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 MRSA MD Insider’s Guide


Confused? Frustrated? Scared?

Don’t know where to turn? Don’t know who to trust? We treat MRSA and Staph infections for a living.

We care and we’re here to help! You are not alone!

You’re right, MRSA infections are serious and potentially life-threatening. But there is hope! That’s why we’ve written our step-by-step guide to help you defeat MRSA. We not only walk you through the evaluation and treatment of your MRSA infection, but we also inform you on how to prevent this from happening to you again!

Simple Proven Plan

Imagine living without the fear of MRSA recurrences. Our simple proven plan protects both you and your loved ones, and allows you to start healing today!

We’ve taken our original 200+ page book and condensed it down to just 70 pages, providing you with only the essentials you need to permanently defeat MRSA.

We guide you through:


  •  How To Treat Your MRSA Skin Infection.
  •  When Do You Need To Be Concerned?
  •  Which Antibiotics Work? What are the Side Effects?
  •  How To Care for MRSA Wounds – this may surprise you.

You’ll become an expert in the treatment of MRSA. And, as an informed consumer, you can take control of your health. 


  •  How To Prevent MRSA Infections.
  •  How To Prevent MRSA Recurrences
  •  How To Stop Harboring MRSA.
  •  How To Rid Your House of MRSA – some easy steps to take.

We provide inexpensive, easy to use solutions that you can immediately put into action.


We Know Your Pain

I (Kirk Bortel MD) have treated countless MRSA and Staph infections, that’s what I do. Yet, it wasn’t until both of my daughters developed abscesses that the pain and fear of MRSA became personal. I had instituted treatment and prevention plans for my patients; however, I never expected MRSA would affect my family. How wrong I was!

MRSA was now more real than ever, and treatment and prevention became part of our family’s life. I subsequently consulted MRSA experts in both the US and Canada to gain firsthand knowledge on the latest in MRSA research. For the benefit of my family, and my patients, I wanted to be the expert in the treatment and prevention of MRSA.

I’m happy to say that both of my daughters did well and have remained MRSA free for several years now. It’s not something we wish to repeat, but it’s given me a greater empathy and ability to help my patients defeat MRSA. And now we bring that same care to you!

Start Healing Today!

Empowering our patients with the knowledge to defeat MRSA is the backbone of our care. Frequently this is all that is needed; given the opportunity, the body has a natural ability to heal itself.

That said, and after seeing our patients struggle with a lack of information and misinformation from the Internet, we set out to write our Guidebook. We wanted to offer you the same level of care that our patients receive. Although we can’t see you in person, our Guidebook equips you with the same knowledge our patients use to defeat MRSA.    

Our Guidebook is valued at $105. That is the cost of a basic office visit. But, as I’m sure you’re well aware, the cost of an office visit goes up based on time and seriousness of the visit. To adequately counsel our patients on MRSA, the fee is often closer to $200. I think that is a lot of money; however, our patients are elated to finally get answers from someone who has researched and personally consulted other MRSA experts.

Special Pricing

Our desire is for you to get the care you deserve, and we don't believe cost should stand in the way of your good health. Since inception our Guidebook has sold for $47; however, to provide access to everyone we've dropped our price to $24.99. That’s a 75% discount from the suggested price and a fraction of the cost of a basic office visit! And it comes with our 100% money back guarantee.

Stop the cycle of fear and enjoy the confidence of knowing how to finally rid your body of MRSA!

Start your healing today. Order now!


Risk Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee 

Your satisfaction is importance to us. That’s why we offer a full one-year guarantee. Over the next 365 days, if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll gladly refund your money. We are that confident we can help you.

Lifetime Access / Free Updates 

  • We stay on top of MRSA research to provide you with the most up-to-date information available.
  • We consult with leading experts in MRSA to give you inside information not available anywhere else. 
  • Our clinical experience provides ongoing answers for your MRSA needs.

Lifetime access provides you with ongoing help and peace of mind! 

Start your healing today. Order now!


To Your Best Health,

Kirk Bortel M.D.

Medical Director, MRSA MD

P.S. Although our Guidebook focuses on MRSA skin infections, it will help prevent recurrences no matter where your infection started.

P.P.S. MRSA MD Insider’s Guide is viewed online. You will have immediate access to the guidebook, immediate access to all future updates, and there is nothing to download.



MRSA MD Insider’s Guide not only helped treat our daughter, but also helped educate other family members, teachers, and neighbors who were exposed to the same infection. This guide has become a go-to reference for our family.  

MRSA MD Insider’s Guide contains clear and concise information, which allowed us to treat the infection with the most updated treatment plan. Thank you Dr. Bortel for your research and time in compiling this Guide!”

Stephanie Cramton


“Dr. Bortel’s clinical abilities are only out shown by his integrity and honesty.  Dr. Bortel is one of the most honorable people I have ever met.  He leads by example and the medical staff and patients are the benefactors of his values.  

I highly recommend MRSA MD Insider's Guide as a valuable resource for all your medical information on MRSA!”

Lori Oswald, P.A.-C. 
Physician Assistant 
Clevens Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery
IMAGINE  Medispa
Melbourne, Florida 

“This informative guidebook is a natural result of Dr. Bortel's desire for his patients to lead healthy lives.  Be assured that the information in MRSA MD Insider’s Guide is the most up to date and reliable.”

Jamie A Poliskey MD
MidMichigan Health


“Dr. Bortel’s medical skills and knowledge are second to none. He has worked diligently to become an expert in the area of MRSA infections and it has become a mission of his to help educate the public in regards to this significant medical problem. 

Dr. Bortel is highly respected by both patients and the medical community and is a credit to our profession. 

In addition, he is one of the most caring, compassionate and concerned people that I know.” 

Rick Drimalla, M.D.
Carolinas HealthCare
Gastonia, NC


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