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Hi from Kirk Bortel M.D.,
I am an urgent care physician and I have been involved with the treatment of MRSA since the beginning of my medical training. MRSA was first diagnosed in the United States in Detroit, Michigan in the early 1980’s, and during medical school I was involved in the care of these patients.
Now, twenty-five years later, the treatment of MRSA skin infections has become a major focus of my time, attention, and practice. 

Scared, Desperate, Frustrated

I am frequently referred patients that are at their wits end; they are scared and don’t know where to turn! They have tried desperately to get help; however, their MRSA skin infections either won’t go away, keep returning, or are spreading to loved ones.

Empowering our patients with the knowledge to defeat MRSA is the backbone of our care. Frequently this is all that is needed; given the opportunity, the body has a natural ability to heal itself. Seeing our patients struggle with a lack of information and misinformation from the Internet, we decided to launch MRSAmd.com. We wanted to equip you with the same knowledge our patients use to defeat MRSA.   


Our Story

I have treated countless MRSA and Staph infections, that’s what I do. Yet, it wasn’t until both of my daughters developed abscesses that the pain and fear of MRSA became personal. I had instituted treatment and prevention plans for my patients; however, I never expected MRSA would affect my family. How wrong I was!

Unfortunately, one abscess appeared when I was volunteering as camp physician in the middle of nowhere. In a less than ideal setting, I had to lance my daughter’s arm. It all turned out fine, but not an experience either of us wish to repeat!

MRSA was now more real than ever, and treatment and prevention became part of our family’s life. I subsequently consulted MRSA experts in both the US and Canada to gain firsthand knowledge on the latest in MRSA research. For the benefit of my family, and my patients, I wanted to be the expert in the treatment and prevention of MRSA.

I’m happy to say that both of my daughters did well and have remained MRSA free for several years. It’s not something that any of us wish to repeat, but it’s given me a greater empathy and ability to help my patients defeat MRSA. It’s now our hope that our experience can be used to help you too.


Our Pledge 

We pledge to provide you with the best and most practical information available to defeat MRSA! 

On behalf of my staff and all the people that have made this site possible – specifically my family, patients, and colleagues – I wish you the very best!

Kirk Bortel M.D.
Medical Director, MRSA MD



Giving Back     

This past year our family had the privilege of helping out at an orphanage in Thailand. We were part of a team that provided medical care to the children and staff, set up a free health clinic for the local villages, along with doing an array of other activities. 

I believe in this orphanage and their mission. Their goal is to become self sufficient and as such are starting a farming project along with providing educational opportunities to their children beyond high school. If you’d like to learn more I’ve included a Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/faithvillagethailand





Comment: MRSA was not reported in the United States until the early 1980’s, where it was found in intravenous drug users in Detroit, Michigan. During my medical training at Wayne State University, MRSA was emerging as a significant concern in the Detroit hospital system and I had the opportunity to be involved in the care of these patients. Little did I realize then, that MRSA would become and remain a worldwide concern!
Kirk Bortel MD


Diplomat, American Board of Family Practice, 1993-Present



My God – the Great Physician.
My wife – my soul mate, confidant, and biggest supporter.
My daughters – my joy and delight. 
My patients – through whom I’ve learned so much, the privilege is all mine.
My colleagues – their integrity and strive for excellence, inspires me.
My staff – it’s a joy and honor to work with such quality people. 


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