Is MRSA Contagious?

MRSA spreads via contact with a MRSA skin infection, a person or pet harboring MRSA bacteria, or objects contaminated with MRSA bacteria

  • MRSA bacteria are subsequently transferred to other parts of the body, whereby they can directly infect a wound, broken skin, or the exposed individual can become a carrier.
  • Note: MRSA bacteria are not typically airborne, and coughing does not spread MRSA unless someone has MRSA pneumonia.

MRSA skin infections pose the greatest risk for the spread of MRSA bacteria. 

Exposure To MRSA Skin Infections

MRSA skin infections pose the greatest risk for the spread of MRSA bacteria.This is because MRSA skin infections (especially wound drainage) are a large reservoir for MRSA bacteria, and the spread of MRSA is directly related to the quantity of bacteria to which one is exposed.

Exposure To Person or Pet Harboring MRSA

Persons or pets colonized with MRSA are a reservoir for exposure to MRSA bacteria. However, the potential to spread MRSA bacteria is far less with colonization than with an active skin infection. 

Exposure To MRSA Contaminated Objects

Objects contaminated with MRSA bacteria also provide opportunity to spread MRSA.

  • FYI: MRSA can survive for days on most surfaces, and under ideal environmental conditions MRSA can survive for weeks to months.

How We Can Help You

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  • How To Prevent the Spread of MRSA.
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