Can You Work or Attend School With MRSA?


MRSA Infections and Work/School Attendance

Persons with a MRSA infection can work or attend school under the following conditions: 

  • Skin infections need to be covered, and the dressing needs to remain dry and intact. In other words, drainage should not be visible on the dressing. A soiled dressing will quickly spread MRSA bacteria to the surrounding environment.
  • The individual is able to keep the dressing in place. Young children and the mentally challenged may have a longer absence from school and/or work due to inability to keep the dressing intact.

MRSA Carrier and Work/School Attendance

A MRSA carrier is not typically limited at work or school.  This is because:

  • MRSA colonization is not distributed evenly over one’s body.  
  • Easily washed areas tend to be void of bacteria, i.e. washed hands.  
  • Good hygiene will prevent the spread of MRSA. This includes regular hand washing, and keeping fingernails trimmed.


MRSA carrier or colonization is when bacteria reside on an individual, but there are no signs or evidence of infection. For details on carrier or colonization see “What Is MRSA?” / “What Is MRSA Colonization?”