Here are just a few comments:

“Dr. Bortel’s medical skills and knowledge are second to none. He has worked diligently to become an expert in the area of MRSA infections and it has become a mission of his to help educate the public in regards to this significant medical problem. 

Dr. Bortel is highly respected by both patients and the medical community and is a credit to our profession. 

In addition, he is one of the most caring, compassionate and concerned people that I know.” 

Rick Drimalla, M.D.
Medical Director, MidMichigan Urgent Care


"I go to Dr. Bortel myself, and trust him with my clients and family. He cares enough to listen and is tenacious at following through to root issues on health problems. He’s one of the most compassionate and thorough doctors I've known." 

Carole Winter, RN BSN


“Dr. Bortel’s clinical abilities are only out shown by his integrity and honesty.  Dr. Bortel is one of the most honorable people I have ever met.  He leads by example and the medical staff and patients are the benefactors of his values.  

I highly recommend MRSA MD Insider's Guide as a valuable resource for all your medical information on MRSA!”

Lori Oswald, P.A.-C. 
Physician Assistant 


“I have been associated with Dr. Kirk Bortel for almost ten years.  I refer patients to him not only for his knowledge and professionalism, but for his compassion and heart.  I fully trust him for my family's health care - I can give no higher recommendation.”


H. Winston King  D.C.


“I worked several years as a Public Health Nurse in a Communicable Disease Clinic and had professional association with Infection Control and Prevention organizations. 

I have had the opportunity to assist him on many occasions when treating patients with known or suspected MRSA infections and have been impressed with his clinical treatment.

I have the utmost respect for Dr. Bortel’s medical knowledge and diagnostic skills. 

I hold Dr. Bortel’s medical knowledge, clinical skills and personal concern for all his patients in high esteem.”   

Mary Shaughnessy RN, BSN


"’I love Dr. Bortel, Mama.’  ‘When are we going to visit Dr. Bortel again?’ These are the kind of comments I have received from each of my three children, aged 8,6, and 3. The way Dr. Bortel has endeared himself to my little ones is priceless; he has provided them with comfort and security, paving the way for them to see a doctor with no fear.  He will talk directly with the children, involving them in their health care, helping them take charge of their healing and prevention.

Every mother wants a doctor to care for her children as he would his own, and I believe Dr. Bortel does just that.  He has given them excellent medical care and worked hard to get to the source of problems.  I've never felt rushed while being seen; all of my questions have been addressed. 

I appreciate Dr. Bortel's integrity and humility.  It is easily apparent that he wants to help people, not just make a living.”

Sarah King


“My relationship with Dr. Kirk Bortel goes back for over 25 years. In all this time he has always shown the highest degree of professionalism, medical knowledge and personal integrity. This wonderfully informative web site on MRSA seems to be a natural result of Dr. Bortel's desire for his patients to lead healthy lives.  Be assured that the information on this site is the most up to date and reliable.”

Jamie A Poliskey MD


MRSA MD Insider’s Guide not only helped treat our daughter, but also helped educate other family members, teachers, and neighbors. This guide has become a go-to reference for our family. MRSA MD Insider’s Guide contains clear and concise information which allowed us to treat the infection with the most updated treatment plan.  
Thank you Dr. Bortel for your research and time in compiling this Guidebook!  

Stephanie Cramton