MRSA Cellulitis


Cellulitis is a deep skin infection extending into the underlying tissue. 


  • The skin is pink/red, tender, warm, and often swollen. 
  • Invasive cellulitis is a serious infection that is often accompanied by fever and body aches.


  • The diagnosis of cellulitis is determined clinically via the history and physical, i.e. by talking to and examining the patient. In difficult cases blood work may be ordered to provide further evidence of infection. 

MRSA Abscess

An abscess is a deep pocket of pus. 

  • An abscess presents as a pink/red, painful, warm, and usually swollen area of skin. If the abscess is superficial, you may be able to feel the fluctuance or movement of fluid when you palpate or touch the skin.
  • To obtain a definitive diagnosis, infected fluid must be obtained and sent to the lab.
  • Cellulitis often accompanies an abscess, because bacteria from the abscess spread into the surrounding tissue. 

MRSA Necrotizing Fasciitis


Necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating infection) is a serious, and potentially life-threatening infection that devours flesh as it spreads. MRSA bacteria have the ability to produce a lethal toxin that kills both body tissue and white blood cells, thus earning it the title – flesh-eating bacteria. Necrotizing fasciitis is often associated with cellulitis and has a similar diagnostic work-up.

MRSA Gangrene

Gangrene is necrotic or dead tissue that is the by-product of a serious/invasive infection. At times it is used interchangeably with necrotizing fasciitis, or other infections that causes tissue necrosis or death. 

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