When Should You Seek Medical Help for MRSA?


If you think you, or someone else has a MRSA skin infection, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Skin infections that look like pimples, boils, or spider bites can quickly progress into deep, invasive infections. 

Early Detection and Treatment

Early detection and treatment of MRSA skin infections will minimize the need for more invasive treatment, i.e. surgery and/or hospitalization. 

  • Antibiotics are more effective at the onset of the infection, before the infection is allowed to progress. 
  • If treatment is delayed, infections can progress into serious or life-threatening infections. 

Early Surgical Drainage 

Surgical drainage (lancing) is required to treat an abscess; antibiotics cannot penetrate into a pocket of pus.

  • An abscess often forms within an area of cellulitis. If treated early one may be able to prevent abscess formation.

Signs for Concern

Serious skin infections are often accompanied by fever, fatigue and body aches.

Note: MRSA infections can quickly progress in to serious and/or life threatening infections. When in doubt, be seen by your healthcare provider.

How We Can Help You

We specialize in the treatment and prevention of MRSA skin infections. Over the years we’ve successfully helped our patients defeat MRSA. 

Yet, we frequently encounter new patients frustrated over the lack of accurate and useful information available to treat/prevent their MRSA skin infections. Recognition of this unmet need prompted us to put into writing all that works for our patients and make it available to you. MRSA MD Insider’s Guide reveals how we successfully treat and prevent MRSA skin infections.

Included you’ll find:

  • How To Treat MRSA Skin Infections.
  • Which Antibiotics Work? What are the Side Effects?
  • How To Care for MRSA Wounds.
  • How To Minimize Pain Lancing an Abscess.
  • How To Prevent the Spread of MRSA.
  • How To Rid Your House of MRSA.
  • How To Stop Recurrences and Stop Harboring MRSA.

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We’ve treated countless MRSA skin infections and we bring that wisdom to you!